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Facebook Update In 2018 From Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Update In 2018 From Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Coming Out With Dating Features, Virtual Reality Glasses Oculus Go

The biggest event of the year, Facebook launched the Oculus Go virtual reality glasses, announced some changes to the Messenger app. Facebook Update In 2018 From Mark Zuckerberg.

I think that it’s really going to be a dating site not it’s only a features update.

At Facebook ‘s developer conference F8, Facebook has unveiled several upcoming updates on its flagship product lineup, including Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and WhatsApp.

Oculus Go virtual reality glasses

Facebook virtual reality road trip price of $199 after Amazon accidentally set up. The new Oculus Go will support social experiences such as multiplayer games and live shows and concerts.

There will also be an Oculus TV control center that allows users to stream content from Netflix, ESPN, Showtime.

Dating Features – Facebook Dating

Facebook is a combination of a variety of services like the Snapchat-like and Stories-like social network that will follow Tinder. It’s not bad for facebook user because of that other social network features get into in one social media.

Facebook Dating Feature In 2018
Facebook Dating Feature Update In 2018

Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will soon provide a dating feature that will allow users to navigate through potential goals at the groups or events they want to attend. This feature allows users to text each other using their name and start a separate conversation with the main Facebook or Messenger application.

Facebook did not announce the launch date of the feature, but just minutes later, Tinder and parent company OkCupid Match Group plunged 20 percent from $ 46.22 to $ 36.12.

Optimal Messenger app

Facebook acknowledges that after separating Messenger into a standalone application, it has become too heavy and that they need to do now is to minimize its visibility. David Marcus, Product Development Manager, said that the development team will refresh the user interface more cleanly, faster, add night mode and some short promotional videos.

WhatsApp gets some updates

Thanks to its founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum, Facebook has shifted to sharing what is happening in the world of WhatsApp. Stories will also appear on WhatsApp: Facebook reveals that 450 million users share a story on WhatsApp daily. And also revealed that 65 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day.

Although WhatsApp does not get many changes like Messenger, it will have some minor updates like group video calls and stickers. Business features will soon be integrated into the app.